Context sentences for "gymnasium" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. is not responsible for their content. Danish Der er et portugisisk gymnasium i Macao, som fungerer godt, og hvor der fortsat undervises i portugisisk.


2019-7-29 · United Kingdom: historically, grammar schools have been the English equivalent of the gymnasium, selecting pupils on the basis of academic ability (usually through the 11+ test in year 6) and educating them with the assumption that they would go on to study at a university; such schools were largely phased out under the Wilson and Heath governments, with less than 5% of pupils now attending grammar schools, and the UK now has no widespread equivalent …

Let it make sense to a reader not familiar with the German educational system, rather than trying to hammer home the point (at the risk of sounding presumptious). gymnasium → Gymnasium; UK secondary school or equivalent in another country. grammar school → Gymnasium Gymnasium - Upper Secondary School/Grammar School which leads to Abitur - equivalent to A-levels I would, however, always use the German terms in a translation and offer an English explanation if possible - might be a bit difficult, though, when translating diplomas/certificates/transcripts equivalent to something The German ‘Gymnasium’ is the closest equivalent to the grammar school in England. He's only paid the equivalent of $200.

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Children have to go to a Gymnasium to get an Abitur (at least in the fedaral states i'm familiar with) and you are selected for the Gymnasium at about age 10. The only way can finsish school by the age of 18 with an Abitur is to go to a Gymnasium. Le Gymnasium est l’équivalent allemand et autrichien sont des établissements d'éducation secondaire, les élèves allemands et autrichiens de niveau suffisant y vont à l’âge de 11 ans et en ressortent avec l’ Abitur en Allemagne, et la Matura en Autriche, l’équivalent du baccalauréat français ou de la maturité suisse ou du Certificat d'enseignement secondaire supérieur (CESS) belge, à l’âge de 19 ans (18 ans en Autriche). English – Higher Level Equivalency Testing for Career Development is the examination board and awarding body Higher Level English correspondence courseThis Higher Level course is designed for students who need an equivalent qualification at GCSE level. It is designed to be completed over a duration of up to 16 weeks and comprises 12 assignments.


av E Jones · 2020 — Gymnasielärares kunskaper om och arbete för en likvärdig undervisning and work for an equivalent teaching in physical education (English) 

equivalent to something The German ‘Gymnasium’ is the closest equivalent to the grammar school in England. He's only paid the equivalent of $200. It is the approximate equivalent in height to the Matterhorn.

Gymnasium definition is - a large room used for various indoor sports (such as basketball or boxing) and usually equipped with gymnastic apparatus. How to use gymnasium in a sentence.

Gymnasium english equivalent

"gymnasiet" – English-Swedish dictionary and search engine for English while in secondary education the equivalent figure is only 60%, and in higher  Education in Sweden is mandatory for children between ages 7 and 15. The school year in Upper secondary education · Gymnasium/High School Many schools also offer additional help in the core subjects English and Swedish level, a student must complete an education at the gymnasieskola level or its equivalent. Eleverna är normalt mellan 14 och 18 år gamla. Amerikansk high school motsvarar ungefär svenskt gymnasium vad gäller utbildningsnivå. Även i Australien,  Check 'gymnasium' translations into English. Look through examples of gymnasium translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. Translations in context of "GYMNASIET" in swedish-english.

It is the approximate equivalent in height to the Matterhorn. The campaign says that hunters are the moral equivalent of murderers. Användningsexempel för "gymnasium" på svenska Dessa meningar kommer från externa källor och kan innehålla fel. är inte ansvarigt för deras innehåll.
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Gymnasium english equivalent

in order to qualify for entry into Gymnasium (fast track academic stream). As nouns the difference between college and gymnasium is that college is ( obsolete) a corporate (UK, in the names of private schools) A secondary school . and German educational Systems: A comparison - Didactics / English - Applied Geography school, a technical school, a apprenticeship or to attend a Gymnasium. The Diploma is rather equivalent to the American master's degree 15 Aug 2016 At a Gymnasium, which is akin to a grammar school in the UK, students spend up to nine years studying before taking the Abitur, although  Students who have a minimum 70% grade in English Studies 12, Literary Studies 12, or equivalent are not required to write the LET or LPI. Prerequisites.

The overseas degree equivalency table supports initial teacher training (ITT) providers and applicants in making a judgement about the equivalent UK degree classification of an overseas qualification. Gymnasiale oberstufe. This includes Gymnasium, Schularten mit drei Bildungsgängen, Berufliches Gymnasium Evening University Preparatory School “Abendgymnasium”.
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Gymnasium english equivalent

Statistik. arrow_forward. En gymnasieelev sitter vid sin dator och mobil och studerar. Årsrapport 2020 – Skolans utmaningar under ett år präglat av covid-19.

Vi söker It is a prerequisite that you can communicate and are able to write in English, equivalent.